Earning from YouTube: How to earn money from videos

In the beginning, dear reader, before mentioning how to profit from YouTube and achieve a financial return, you must know that YouTube has people earning millions through it, so you should know that watching videos on YouTube makes the owners of the videos earn a lot of money and you are a part of that, You have to know how to profit from YouTube.

Before we delve into the article and profit ways we must know who takes your profits and on what basis you take a lot of money so pay attention to this article and read it carefully.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a website that allows users to upload free video recordings and watch them via live broadcast, i.e. watching them online, without uploading them to the device, and you can also share, like, and share these videos.

YouTube was founded in 2005 from three people and they used flash programs to display videos on YouTube, then in 2006 Google announced that it had purchased YouTube for $ 1.65 billion USD and started developing and improving YouTube as we are watching now. There is no doubt that YouTube is the closest to searching any article or Atopic, we always resort to videos on YouTube to obtain reliable and valuable information.

And after Google launched its purchase of YouTube to become the third most popular website, it gets visits after Facebook and Google, which makes people care more about it. Instead of posting videos to Facebook or any social platform, they upload it to YouTube, which makes Google pump a lot of money to support publishers via YouTube by displaying Ads on their videos and profit from them by linking their account to Google Adsense.

YouTube is an opportunity, and indeed the best opportunity, for all the content-making makers to profit from it. The idea has been implemented by millions of famous people and made huge profits, despite its limited time, effort, and wasted time in the future.

Ways to profit from YouTube

1- Think about a new channel idea

There is no doubt that this is the best stage to make a profit from YouTube, so how will you profit from the videos and how can you upload the videos without having a channel to post on, then a channel must be created, but a question will come here:

How do I create a YouTube channel?

From here we enter this link by clicking here, and we log in from a Google account or create a new account if we do not have an account, and after that, we go to this link by clicking here to create a YouTube channel, then when you click it will refer you to the main page and here there are two ways to create the channel:

Clicking on the upload icon on the left side to upload a video will convert us to create a channel.

When we click on any video and we go down to the comments and write a comment and we publish it, he will ask us to create a channel for the comment to be published and from here on we will have created our own channel.

After these steps, we have created a YouTube channel and we can upload any video.

2- Thinking about the content for posting on the channel in order to profit from YouTube

And here we come to the most important stage where any YouTube user has a channel to say to him: What content will I submit? Our answer comes to you directly if you are proficient in a field, and you have the ability to spread your knowledge in this field, whatever its type. YouTube

is not interested in publishing in a specific field; it is open to any field except sexual videos.

Everyone has a skill in a field so he can shoot that video or design a video about this field and publish it on YouTube, so let's take an example on this which is that there are many successful and well-known YouTube channels who publish videos about the kitchen or children or the computer or songs and music files to merge them into videos

Here, as a channel creator and looking to profit from YouTube, you should be interested in the idea of what content I will present to achieve a very good profit from the videos.

3- The skills required to implement the idea

Now that you have a channel and know what the content will be presented and now you must know what articles you must have to post your content on your channel, then you were on YouTube at the beginning you will make some mistakes including possible possibilities that will not get your content better, but I will explain You have the most important skills that you must try to possess to create distinctive content.

Delivering skill: It is to try as much as possible to have the ability to deliver information in a simple way to the viewer.

Explanation skill: This skill is based on your ability to explain what you provide in a simple way and represent it to the viewer as the most important in the video as possible.

Montage skill: everyone who owns a channel and publishes on YouTube tries, as much as possible; to increase his knowledge of this skill until the video comes out to the viewer clearly and correctly.

Marketing skill: It means marketing the content of your channel on communication platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and other people to build your own audience.

4- The business plan is important for making a profit from YouTube

After getting to know the aforementioned in the article, now is the role of how I arrange myself and my time to work on the channel because the plan is the crown that will reduce your effort and success significantly


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